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5300 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Home to Tom Provosts Film Seminars, rewriting do's and don'ts, and script consulting services.

Script Consulting

Script Consulting

My work as a produced screenwriter/director was prefaced by lengthy conversations with dozens of distributors, which gives me a strong sense of what distributors look for in regards to story and screenplay. Additionally my years of reading and consulting on literally hundreds of screenplays, along with teaching graduate level screenwriting, has given me an ability to help writers craft the best script possible. Through a series of questions I ask everyone with whom I consult, I will work with your individual goals: if you are writing an under a million indie feature, for instance, your notes will be very different from someone writing a big budget studio feature. We will work together to make your screenplay the best it possibly can be.
— Tom Provost


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Script Consult – $600

Includes 2 in-depth reads, 10+ pages of notes, including frank discussion of what works, what doesn’t and what can help and written notations on the script. Notes are based on the screenwriter’s objectives, i.e., very different notes will be given if a script is meant for a studio vs an independent production.

Additional read and notes of second draft - $250

Quick read – $300

A single pass with notes.

In person consultation (2 hours) - $300